liveCS (Laser Tag)

liveCS (Laser Tag)

liveCS is a game inspired from computer game ‘Counter Strike’. It can also be viewed as a laser based adoption of paintball, which keeps the fun part of it and shuns its disadvantages. Counter Strike is played by two teams wherein each team tries to shoot out members of opposite team and emerge out as winner. liveCS is a real physical model of this computer game. In liveCS guns are replaced by laser guns and each participating member wears a light sensitive jacket which detects the gunshot(which is actually a lasershot). Each player is provided with some fixed number of shot-immunity, exhaustion of which eliminates that member from the game. The model of liveCS consists of shootKIT developed by Indroyd Labs. Following are details of it


We recommend a system of 8 jackets and 8 guns which makes 4 players per team in team mode. However for large arenas and places with greater influx of people the number of jackets can be increased.

Laser tag can be setup in an arena of minimum 700sqft. The optimum area is 1500sqft but the game can also be played in even bigger arenas. A computer is required to run the central software which monitors the game statistics wirelessly.

The arena can internally be glow painted and illuminae=tedd by UV lights to increase the charm quotient. High tempo music playing in background on a central music system adds energy to overall game experience. A TV can optionally be added t display score and statistics outside the gameing arena