Laser Maze (laserLABYRINTH)

Laser Maze (laserLABYRINTH)

laserLABYRINTH is a maze built with lasers in an area of not more than 300sqft. The player has to cross a network formed by laser light without touching any laser beam. The player to reach end of the maze quickest is declared as the winner. laserLABYRINTH has upto 24 laser channels which can cut the given area into max 821 sections when all are turned on. Also turning different lasers on can generate more than a hundred patterns. Each time the game starts with a different random pattern which keeps the player from memorizing the pattern and contriving a strategy.


We recommend a system of 16 lasers which is sufficient for an area of 150sqft. However for a larger arena, laser channels can be increased.

Laser maze can be setup in an enclosed arena of around 130sqft. The arena has to be completey enclosed to contain fog requried for maintaining beam visibility.

The arena can internally be glow painted and illuminated by UV lights to increase the charm quotient. High tempo music playing in background on a central music system adds energy to overall game experience. A TV can optionally be added t display score and statistics outside the gameing arena