HITnRUN is a test of your agility and nimbleness. This game challenges you to cut every glowing laser before it switches off. The lasers glow and fade as per the music playing in the background. This game will amaze you as the lasers will make you move and dance on their tune. This game can be best played in an area of 130 to 150 sqft. But the game can also be customized as per the available area.


We recommend a system of 16 channels for an area of 150 sqft. Number of laser channels can be increased as per the arena requirement.

HITnRUN can be setup in an arena of minimum 150sqft. However the area might very from 120sqft to 200sqft

High tempo music playing in background on a central music system adds energy to overall game experience. A TV can optionally be added t display score and statistics outside the gameing arena