Interactive Floor

  • Convert any floor into touch screen without any physical tampering with the floor
  • 20+ different games and effects
  • Can be used for entrance welcome effects
  • Operating temperature:-20 to 55 degree Centigrade
  • Reading distance:Upto 5cm


  • Share your moments with friends and kin in a most unique and innovative way
  • Click your photo and sling it on to wall with our catapult and watch in amazement as the photo magically sticks onto the wall
  • All the photos slinged on the wall are converted into a large collage in real time
  • Best suited for special occasions and exhibitions


  • Photobooth is an amazing attraction to have at any event
  • Our Photoboth available in multiple variants: Vanilla Photobooth, GIF Photobooth, Boomerang Photobooth, Snapchat photobooth and multiple others
  • Instant printout of the photos is available at your fingertips
  • Social share enabled

Interactive table

  • Increase the 'WOW!' quotient of your restaurant with interactive table
  • Instead of sitting idle and getting bored while their order arrives, customers can now play games, browse news, engage in creative activities like drawing on the interactive table
  • Also helps in restaurant automation as customers can directly order from the table's ordering interface, they can call waiter or even ask for the bill receipt through it
  • Operating temperature:-20 to 55 degree Centigrade