Attack is a shooting based game wherein 4 players sit in a cart which moves on rails. This cart takes you on a tour of netherworld where ghosts and demons lurk. These evil forces stay hidden and appear before you as soon as your cart passes by. You being the saviour of the world have to shoot them on their weak spot which is marked by glowing light. The ghosts and demons are pneumatics operated and sensors are mounted on dummies to detect the gun shot. At the end of the game each player receives a score based on number of ghosts he killed.


We recommend a system of 10 immobile and 10 pneumatics operated dummies. However for larger arenas more number of dummies can be used.

A track will be laid throughout the arena on which the cart will move. The track will be curvy and looped to utilise the maximum area of arena. The cart capacity will be of maximum 4 people which can be increased on buyers demand

The arena will be aptly decorated to give it an appearance of netherworld. Gaming area will be filled with gore, horror stuff and ghostly looking objects to send shivers down your spine.

Attack can be setup in an arena of minimum 1500sqft. The optimum area is 3000sqft but the game can also be played in even bigger arenas. A computer is required to run the central software which monitors the game statistics wirelessly.

The arena can internally be glow painted and illuminae=tedd by UV lights to increase the charm quotient. High tempo music playing in background on a central music system adds energy to overall game experience. A TV can optionally be added t display score and statistics outside the gameing arena